We allow our daughter to play softball….ON SUNDAYS.

Wow, seems like there is a little controversy on this subject.  It is so touchy that we have probably offended some and lost friends.  Whether you agree with our parenting choices or not, God gave us 2 amazing kids to raise, and we are doing the best we know how.  I don’t feel the need to justify our choices, instead I’m going to give God the glory for our healthy, amazing, loving children. What works for us, may not work for everyone. Our story….

 Jeff and I have been so blessed.  We, as husband and wife, decided when Jill was 8 that we would allow her to play in a travel softball league.  We maintained that God remained first, we kept our church missing to a minimum, we try to visit other churches, and we did it as a family; we pray together, travel together, live life together!  The experiences are so amazing and wonderful that I can’t even begin to explain how close we have become as a family.  God has given Jill, and the other players on her team, this talent. Let me repeat, GOD has given Jill, and the other players on her team, this talent.  Jill plays softball for the love of the game, and we are quick to give God all of the glory. 

At the ballpark, we get the opportunity to reached the unreached. As much as we like to believe that everyone we come into contact with is just like us, they are not.  Everyone you know is not a christian.  They don’t all love Jesus. Our girls do a small worship service on most Sunday mornings before the games begin. They pray together, sing together, and hear the word of God together.  We have a church service, although we aren’t at “church.” It is an amazing sight. I know that we are planting a seed into some nonbelievers, whether it be a parent or player on our team or a passer by! 

 I do not, however, feel that this is replacing our church family and our need for corporate worship. We are very aware of the time we allow our children to miss church and keep it to a minimum. We love our church!  We love our people!  Hebrews 10:25 says “Not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.” Praising corporately is amazing, I love being in God’s house to give Him glory and praise.  I feel that God has given us a platform and we are jumping on it! I have often said that I have no conviction about this! I don’t know whether that’s because we get to minister to so many during these times or because God has so much other stuff He is working on me about right now, that this seems insignificant! 

Wherever we are, we praise Jesus, give Him all the glory, and share Him. He is not to be hidden deep inside you.  God is to be shared with everyone you know, whether it is at the ballpark, grocery store, work….anywhere. 

 It. Is. Real.

One thought on “We allow our daughter to play softball….ON SUNDAYS.”

  1. As long as you have church, whether inside or out. God gave you children to raise and that also means having them know Him. That is your responsibility, to make sure they know Him.


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